FREE THE BOX board game (2nd edition)

This game is a fun, family board game based upon an outside game played on a neighborhood street by friends many years ago. Pictured on the board is this neighborhood where you move around hiding from and seeking your opponents among places like a house, mailbox, or a fence, to try and capture them or to avoid being captured. If another player lands on the same hiding space that you occupy, then you are captured and have to move to your capture box. If you move all the way around the neighborhood you can try to jump to the center and free all of your captured tokens! There are two FUN ways to win this game, either be the first to capture all of your opponent’s tokens before they capture yours or be the first to jump all your tokens to the center. A very easy game to learn and also very addictive for all players! 


Free the Box was a game I played on the street corner with my friends when we were kids. The game board represents a neighborhood and the things that are in it. We would hide behind houses, cars, trees, etc., and the lines on the sidewalk made up the capture box. The game was mostly played in daylight, but was best played in the early evening or at night. The capture box was under a street light so we could see who was captured. When we played, there were only two teams containing four to five players each. One team would go and hide and the other team would have to find them. When someone was caught they would be brought to the capture box and in order to be freed a teammate would have to run through the box and yell, "FREE THE BOX!" Sometimes this was hard because there could be two or three players guarding the capture box. If all a teams' players were captured then the other team would go and hide. If you had a strong team this game could go on for hours or at least until our parents called us in for the night. In the late 1980s I converted this childhood game into the board game that you see. It is great fun for the whole family and can be learned very quickly.



Contains small parts. Designed for ages 12+.


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